Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are We Really Telling The Illegals To Just Go Back Home?

I read an article on the Fox News website about the testimony of Sheriff Larry Dever in front of the  Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security.  The Sheriff provides information about the policy of "Turn Back South".  It appears that the feds are trying to reduce the number of reportable detentions and arrests, so they came up with the idea to have the border jumpers just go back home.  That is a very strong approach to maintaining border security.  I am amazed that the illegals are not obeying the request.  I think a far better approach would be to say "Please, turn back south."  Now, that might not do the trick, so I suggest a very firm and loud Please!  Mr. Dever also made the claim that there is also a policy that if you are caught smuggling marijuana and the total weight is under 750kg, then you go free.  Well, that is not entirely true, you have to leave the bud.  Finally, a well thought out and balanced approach to border security.  I feel better now.

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