Monday, May 2, 2011

The First...

Well the first of everything went up.  I ventured into Facebook and put out the word.  This Thursday night will be the start of The Remy St Clair Show at  You can put an ear to the computer and catch the gig at 7:30pm (PDT).  We will creep into the Usama bin Laden story and tie that to some interesting news coming from a company called Aerovironment, the maker of the Predator Drones.  I find it curious that this company just took an order for 85 drones from our friends in Pakistan.  Can you say, Quid pro Quo, Mr. Lecture.

I want to touch bases with California politics and the effect of the penal system.  As the show progresses and matures, we will spend time with guests and highlight news.  I will keep my head in the junk, so you won't have to.


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